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Where to Buy Trailer Dogs 1 (Life in America's New Middle Class)

I've made sure TD1 is available everywhere on the World Wide Web. No matter what kind of media you need or where you like to shop, you can find Trailer Dogs - Life in America's New Middle Class just about everywhere. And don't forget, many of these fine retailers let you try out 10% of the book BEFORE you buy.
The EBOOK The Paperback The Audiobook

Of course it's at AMAZON (in both Ebook and Paperback)
Trailer Dogs is available as an AUDIO BOOK from AUDIBLE.COM
(remember, if you don't have an audible account, when you sign up the first 30 days are free)
Get the paperback at Barnes and Noble
Or if you have a NOOK reader
Trailer Dogs is available as an EBOOK on Itunes
or as an AUDIO book on Itunes
Buy it on KOBO

Flash!!!! Revenge of the Trailer Dogs (TD2) is now on sale exclusively at Amazon.com.

Click HERE to order TD2